Mikhaylovskiy, N. (2020). “How Do You Test the Strength of AI?” September 2020, International Conference on Artificial General Intelligence (pp. 257-266).

Creating Strong AI means to develop artificial intelligence to the point where the machine’s intellectual capability is in a way equal to a human’s. Science is definitely one of the summits of human intelligence, the other being the art. Scientific research consists in creating hypotheses that are limited applicability models (methods) implying lossy information compression. In this article, we show that this paradigm is not unique to the science and is common to the most developed areas of human activities, like business and engineering. Thus, we argue, a Strong AI should possess a capability to build such models. Still, the known tests to confirm the human-level AI do not address this consideration. Based on the above we suggest a series of six tests of rising complexity to check if AI have achieved the human-level intelligence.