Mikhaylovskiy N., 2023. Long Story Generation Challenge. In Proceedings of the 16th International Natural Language Generation Conference: Generation Challenges, pages 10–16, Prague, Czechia. Association for Computational Linguistics.

We propose a shared task of human-like long story generation, LSG Challenge, that asks models to output a consistent human-like long story (a Harry Potter generic audience fanfic in English), given a prompt of about 1K tokens. We suggest a novel statistical metric of the text structuredness, GloVe Autocorrelations Power/ Exponential Law Mean Absolute Percentage Error Ratio (GAPELMAPER) and the use of previously-known UNION metric and a human evaluation protocol. We hope that LSG can open new avenues for researchers to investigate sampling approaches, prompting strategies, autoregressive and non-autoregressive text generation architectures and break the barrier to generate consistent long (40K+ word) texts.