Научно-технический вебинар «Transfer Learning for Abusive Language Detection»

17 января 2023, 16:00 MCK

О вебинаре

  • Спикер

    Tulika Bose, LORIA, INRIA, CNRS, Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France

  • Тема

    Научно-технический вебинар «Transfer Learning for Abusive Language Detection»

  • Подробнее про вебинар

    Speaker about the webinar:
    The proliferation of social media, despite its multitude of benefits, has led to the increased spread of abusive language.
    Deep learning models for detecting abusive language have displayed great levels of in-corpus performance but underperform substantially outside the training distribution.
    Moreover, they require a considerable amount of expensive labeled data for training.
    This strongly encourages the effective transfer of knowledge from the existing annotated abusive language resources that may have different distributions to low-resource corpora.
    In this talk, I will speak about some transfer learning approaches for abusive language detection, including domain adaptation, that I explored during my thesis for improving knowledge transfer in cross-corpus scenarios.

    Attention! The event will be in English.

    YouTube: https://youtu.be/vAconxmcYXU

    Slides: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DflK3tO0q1CjK0B0BonKhohLogGK8xbX/view?usp=sharing